Hydro fleet value creation by data gathering & big data analytics development and application on pilot plants data.

The challenge: exploitation of big data analysis for Optimisation of the Hydroelectric power plants asset management, with efficiency improvement and O&M costs reduction.

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Microgrid in Ollague

Optimization of the management of the microgrid in Ollague (Chile). The microgrid is made by PV plant, Wind pland and storage system. I-EM provides the forecast production data and the optimized parameters for the grid.


i-EM provides to weather forecast data (3 days ahead) and measured/observed data (1 day before) for the 28 control site of Enel Distribuzione in Italy.

Nowcast and Forecast in Upington, South Africa

Nowcast and forecast big data for EGP plants in Sud Africa i-EM provides data to forecast and nowcast to Enel Green Power first PV production plant in South Africa began in August 2014.

Solar Predictive

i-EM provides an advanced diagnostics and predictive solution through Big Data technology application in order to monitor, detect and prevent GU (Inverter) faults and reduce lost production for PV energy plants in Romania and Greece.