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The main objectives of g-EM project, supported by ESA, is the realization of several services based on Satellite Communications, Earth Observation Data (and other space assets) to optimize smart grids management and electricity grid maintenance. The targeted users are European area based (TSO and DSO), with multinational companies involved.

User needs

  • Ensure greed stability and security

  • Ensure power lines infrastructure stability 

  • Monitor electric consumption to detect non-technical losses  

  • Ensure O&M communication and data exchange backup

  • Optimize ticketing services

Service Solutions

  • Demand/Response optimization

  • E-mobility element optimization

  • Vegetation monitoring Electric consumption monitoring

  • Satellite backup platform for data and communication exchange

g-EM services can be divided into two macro categories: Grid Infrastructure Services and Smart Grid Services. Each one of these categories includes two different services, which are: g-EM.Vegetation and g-EM.Consumption, for the infrastructure area, while g-EM.e-Mobility and g-EM-SGM are the services dedicated to smartgrids management. Let’s find out more about them.

g-EM services

This service provides users with a vegetation status overview dashboard, which shows the areas requiring maintenance activities and the urgency of these needs. g-EM.Vegetation includes an interactive map and a clearance warnings tab, which shows all the alarms and ticketing about the interested areas.

The dashboard of g-EM.Consumption service allows users to check directly on an interactive map the electrical consumption estimation, intuitevely shown with color. This service includes also a warning list tab for the suspiscious areas that need to be checked.

This service provides users with a e-Mobility interactive map view, which shows the total consumption warnings and the e-Vehicles consumption warnings for the interested area. g-EM.e-Mobility is thought to optimize smartgrid e-Vehicles management and includes a warnings list, which shows also the alarm priority.

The dashboard of g-EM.SGM (Smart Grid Management) shows to users, directly on an interactive map, all the substations warnings concerning both consumption and generation. Also this service includes a warning list tab for the substations that need to be monitored.