Res2Grid is the optimal integration with renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

RES2Grid is the innovative solution optimization of the usage of renewable resources.

RES2Grid converts big data from satellite, climate data, environmental data, mobility data and smart meters into grid situation awareness to make the predictable the grid behavior to enable the decision support in real-time.



i-EM provides a service for the provision of feed-in power for renewable energy plants, both wind and photovoltaic plants.

The following information are available:

>> Nowcast of energy production hourly every 1h for subsequent +6h


>> Forecast of energy production hourly for subsequent +72h up to 240h (10days)


EController is the system for remote supervision and management of renewable energy plants.

>> Real-time observation satellite data and energy production (nowcasting/ foreasting)

>> Diversified systems and highly customizable modules for integration with customer service

>> Accurate predictive modeling tools accessible by a user-friendly interface on the desktops and smartphones

>> Forecast of distributed generation of electricity

>> Optimization of the impact on the network of distributed generation

>> Prediction of net loads

>> Simulation of several subsystems (storage system, electric vehicles, cogeneration) for an optimal energy balance and budgeting

>> Monitoring and prediction of the prosumer behavior

>> Fully customizable to the customer’s need


Modules of RES2Grid are meant for customers who make investments in renewable energy and for those who manage the grid (eg. DSO and TSO)

i-EM solutions are completely customizable on demand and are provided as Platform as a Service (PaaS)