Ensuring benefits to all of the electric mobility actors


We provide solutions for smart balancing, energy charging & routing and charging points (CP) planner. i-EM ensures benefits to all of the e-Mobility stakeholders, including Distribution System Operators (DSO), e-Mobility Services Providers (EMSP), Charge Point Operators (CPO) and e-V drivers.

e-Mobility for Smartgrid

This service is thought to optimize smart grid e-Vehicles management and includes a warning list, which shows also the alarm priority.


Charging Station Planner

This service is useful for e-mobility stakeholders to identify the optimal location for new charging points.



e-Mobility for smartgrid

This service provides users with an e-Mobility interactive map view, which shows the total consumption warnings and the e-Vehicles consumption warnings for the relevant area. This service will optimize smartgrid e-Vehicles management and includes a warning list, which also shows the alarm priority.


  • Web-app based charging infrastructure monitoring
  • Aggregated management of CSs to provide flexibility services to the grid
  • Ticketing service to support operator’s decision


  • Optimize the management of the distributed charging station fleet 
  • Increase the revenues from the charging station fleet thanks to ancillary service
  • Reduced O&M cost thanks to optimal events management


  • Optimal Charging Station (CP) planner covering different information layers
  • Information layers: e.g. population density, shopping centers, traffic info, parking areas, public transport stations
  • Plans history according to each location (urban area) and plans database across all locations (different urban areas)


  • Identify the optimal location for new charging stations
  • Optimize Revenues from Charging Infrastructure by identifying the optimal locations
  • Reduce the impact on distribution grid


Charging station planner

The increasing number of electric vehicles requires adequate charging infrastructure. This service is ideal for e-Mobility stakeholders to identify the optimal location for new Charging Points, as it can detect the optimal site covering different layers of information, from population density to road traffic.

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This service for e-Mobility offers a software/app for the management of charging stations aggregation in urban or metropolitan areas, with the aim of providing a flexible service to the distribution network.

SPace-based services for (4) smart-Grid and electricity grid maintenance and Operations

The main objectives of the services consist in Decision Support Services based on satellite communications, Earth observation data and other space assets to support smartgrid management and electricity grid maintenance.



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