wind power forecast

The forecasting service able to produce precise information about plant, portfolio or regional power production for forecasting horizon from 1 hour ahead up to 15 days ahead

The i-EM’s suite of forecasting models are based on several kinds of raw data as inputs to meet your temporal, spatial and forecastig horizon requirements providing most accurate performances. Numeric weather prediction and real-time measurement are used as inputs of an ensemble framework of machine learning algorithms to produce wind power forecast from 1 hour ahead up to 15 days ahead. The highly servce flexibility and reliability ensures to be compliant with market and authorities requirements. Outputs can be deliveres through any format along with the possibility to visualize on a user friendly intelligence dashboard.



  • Plant, portfolio or regional solar power forecast

  • Time resolution from 15 minutes up to 1 hour

  • Forecasting horizon from 1 hour ahead up to 15 days ahead

  • Up to 24 daily update

  • Flexible output format and delivery area


  • Improve Plant Management

  • Reduce imbalance cost and penalties

  • Market and Authorities compliancy