Who we are

Our mission is to give to the customer intelligent solutions for management of energy generation, storing, trasmission and for efficient energy use.

i-EM, the Intelligence in Energy Management. Since 2005, our company has been developing energy management solutions for renewable energy projects. Public and private players requires expertise in innovation, reliability and risk minimization in the following areas:

distributed generation from renewable sources smart grids and energy storage systems energy efficiency solutions control and optimization of energy consumption electric vehicles and sustainable mobility

i-EM people make i-EM as it is: born as business unit of Flyby company, i-EM combines multi-disciplinary expertise with passion for technology innovation and preservation of the Earth’s energy resources.

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Vision and Mission


>> Vision:

Making manageable and predictable the smart grid’s behavior and its elements, including the end-users.

>> Mission:

To enable energy actors, including end-users, to make the “best decision” providing situation awareness about the grid and its elements in real-time.

i-EM transforms data into intelligent actions:


What we do

>> Management of distributed generation from renewable sources

>> Smart grids and energy storage systems>> Predictive Maintenance exploiting Big Data Analytics

>> Control and optimization of energy production and consumption>> Electric vehicles and sustainable mobility


Award and initiatives


May 2013 – i-EM won first Enel Lab Competition. Enel Lab aims to foster innovation in the energy sector by developing all possible joint activities with Enel’s core business.



December 2013 – i-EM was selected from Italy Cleantech Network as one of the 10 most innovative startups.



February 2014 – i-EM has been identified by Italia Camp as one of the most interesting Italian startups (Wall Street NYC).



  • November 2015 – i-EM was included in the Symbola Foundation “100 Italian Energy stories”, 100 examples of excellence of Italian path to sustainable energy.

  • February 2017 – i-EM was included in the “100 Italian E-Mobility stories”, 100 examples of e-mobility excellence.

In the last two years we analyzed 1560 startup, profiled projects with 280, built partnerships with 80 and signed 15 partners

Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel (Enel Lab 2017)

i-EM is one of these 15



Quality System Certified

The company adopts a quality management system according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standatd, to continuous improvement of processes and business performance.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008