Optimize Wind Asset Performance with W-EM: Utilize Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI to Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Losses, and Enhance O&M Planning.

Maximize wind asset value and leverage AI-driven Insights

W-EM is an intelligent solution that, through big data analysis, and the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies, optimizes the values of wind assets, allowing industry operators to maintain optimal performance, reduce production losses, and improve maintenance and operations (O&M) planning.



Monitor wind turbines and predict plant failures in real time.

Our software can predict the failure status of inverters before they occur, allowing O&M operators and field technicians to take measures to reduce low plant performance. The service continuously monitors the status of your company’s wind turbines and provides real-time predictions of component-level failures, leveraging the most powerful Machine Learning algorithms to detect the wind farm’s status. Detection is ensured by models trained on a comprehensive set of inputs. i-EM’s big data IT infrastructure enables engineering and manipulation of a large and heterogeneous dataset.

  • Detection of inverter failures before they occur
  • Most powerful Machine Learning algorithms
  • Four levels of alarm to prioritize O&M activities
  • Understanding the evolution of alerts
  • Suggestions for resolving notifications
  • Easy visualization and understanding of Machine Learning algorithm output
  1. Long-term optimal performance
  2. Reduction of production losses
  3. Improvement of O&M activities through a proactive approach



Get insights from a few minutes up to 15 days in advance

Our forecasting models are based on various types of data as inputs to meet any temporal, spatial, and forecast horizon requirement, providing a more accurate analysis of performance. Numerical weather prediction and real-time measurements are used as inputs to a framework of Machine Learning algorithms to produce wind power forecasts from 1 hour up to 15 days in advance. The service’s flexibility and reliability ensure compliance with necessary requirements. Outputs can be delivered in any format along with the ability to view on a smart and user-friendly dashboard.

  • Production forecasts at the plant, portfolio, or regional level
  • Temporal resolution from 15 minutes up to 1 hour
  • Forecast horizon from 1 hour up to 15 days in advance
  • Up to 24 daily updates
  • Flexible output format and delivery area
  1. Improve plant management efficiency
  2. Reduce costs and penalties for imbalances
  3. Ensure compliance with market and authority requirements