Empower Your Energy Management with x-EM: the Perfect Tool for Managing Renewable Energies, Storage Systems, and Building an Efficient Energy Grid.

X-EM is a Software as a Service that coordinates energy management, optimizes consumption and storage, considering various renewable sources, and creates simulations for the best energy optimization.

It is an excellent tool and ideal ally for the creation of energy communities, both private and public entities, based on the principle of cooperation among decentralized production systems, local consumption centres, and the electrical system, to make energy exchanges between them more efficient and reliable.

With X-EM, managing energy becomes easy by choosing one of the three packages:

  • Generation
  • Storage
  • Consumption
  • Decision-making
  • Saving

With X-EM, it is easier to monitor, predict, and manage renewable energies with precise cutting-edge simulations.



Designing the future with sustainability and precision

X-EM Simulator identifies the optimal design of components for an energy community, considering the available energy resources and maximizing the sustainability, scalability, and stability of the smart/microgrid. This solution includes the simulation of various scenarios related to renewable energy and electric mobility, sizing, and analysis of generation and consumption.

  • Consumption and loads estimation

  • Renewables (solar, wind) and storage optimal sizing

  • Optimal Charging Point (CP) station planner covering different information layers

  1. Optimize the investment in smart grid development

  2. Optimize the coupling of renewables plants with storage systems

  3.  Optimize the impact of CP on distribution grid

  • scenario
  • Consumptions
  • generation
  • emob
  • report



Flexibility and Capacity services for the electrical system

X-EM Manager optimizes the management of the electrical system by balancing overloads or peaks through the prediction of user behaviour. It offers tailored solutions for commercial and industrial customers, balancing service providers, and distribution system operators. By using an interactive map, it’s possible to visualize real-time loads and forecasted generation in a specific area. X-EM Manager is the suitable solution to maximize the energy efficiency of the electrical system.

  • Real-time management of consumption and generation

  • Management of overloads at local nodes

  • Forecasted overloads/unbalances node warnings

  • Identification and planning of critical events

  1. Economic benefits through the flexibility and capacity offered by the grid

  2. Optimized management and reduction of load peaks

  3. Reduction of investments in grid infrastructure (for DSO)



Automatic detection of vegetation and possible changes near the power line

Vegetation and change detection is the system that automatically detects vegetation or possible changes near power lines, assesses distances from risk areas, and predicts its growth, using a combination of satellite images, helicopters, and drones with different resolutions.

  • Identification of critical areas

  • Precise distance assessment

  • Preliminary risk assessment

  • Ticketing service to support operator decisions

  1. Cost reduction using mixed satellite and drone/helicopter images
  2. Optimization of O&M activities, transitioning from fixed-frequency maintenance to optimized maintenance, depending on soil and system conditions.


Enhance your system with additional functionalities and maximize versatility.

You can choose one of our packages or integrate these plugs in into your existing system, discovering all the benefits of customization and plant optimization.



Monitor and manage energy efficiency

This functionality allows for real-time monitoring and management of energy efficiency in an energy system through the acquisition and analysis of real-time confirmation data. E2Manager is a modular, scalable, and flexible tool. It succinctly and accurately provides information on daily consumption peaks, identifying any energy waste.

  • Monitoring and identification of anomalous behaviours

  • Energy diagnosis with classification of energy consumption on a monthly and annual basis

  • Comparison between actual consumption and internal and external benchmarks as suggested by ISO 50001

  1. Complying with regulation

  2. Integration with existing systems

  3. Advice on improving energy efficiency