The solar asset lifecycle solution enables the monitoring, diagnosis, and optimization of plant performance using machine learning techniques and predictive analytics.

S-EM, the SaaS for the Solar Energy Management, provides real time monitoring and predictive activities for PV installations.

This powerful tool offers two package solutions: standard monitoring and advanced diagnostics, however the opportunities this tool offers don’t end here. It is enhanced by plugins that allow for greater flexibility in the photovoltaic system.

S-EM covers the entire solar asset life cycle from construction to the energy yield of the photovoltaic installations.

Our system is designed with multi-interface and multi-source data capabilities, ensuring seamless integration and comprehensive data analysis from various sources.

  • Manage the entire life-cycle phases of the asset.
  • Solve the typical not interoperability of IT solutions filling the lack of communication between the different players like Asset Manager, O&M operators, Asset Owners.
  • Enables operators to be independent from proprietary technologies (e.g. inverters)
  • Ensure reliable KPIs information with reference to contractual compliance.
  • Maximise performances and solar asset maintenance activities, increasing yield and decreasing operational costs.
  • Provide a Data Acquisition System, largely compatible with inverters in the field.



Get the best from your plant or portfolio with reliable and secure monitoring.

  • Plant or portfolio overview
  • Interactive data exploration
  • Real-time data updates
  • Performance analysis (plant/inverter) through performance indicators (PR and other energy indicators) with customizable notification messages
  • List of relevant monitoring events and plant diagnostics
  • Detailed plant summary
  • Data exploration
  • Detailed and customizable report on plant alarms and performance
  1. Increase of energy yield
  2. Reduction of plant downtime
  3. Reduction of energy losses
  4. Reduction of O&M costs



Add all the benefits of the monitoring service to the advanced diagnostic functionality. This solution pays particular attention to data quality and constantly evaluates plant performance.

  • Advanced events management
  • Analyses the production plant, comparing it with the simulations based on the physical plant model, identifying anomalies in the PV, with detailed analysis of the malfunctioning section.
  1. Reduction of plant downtime
  2. Reduction of energy losses
  3. Optimization of energy production


Enhance your system with additional functionalities and maximize versatility.

You can choose one of our packages or integrate these plugs in into your existing system, discovering all the benefits of customization and plant optimization.



Explore the innovative approach to maximize the performance of your photovoltaic (PV) plant. With this technology, you can anticipate anomalies in plant components compared to traditional monitoring methods, thereby preventing production losses, and ensuring optimal plant operation.

By utilizing advanced Machine Learning algorithms, our system promptly identifies potential issues that may arise in the PV system. Furthermore, our robust big data infrastructure can efficiently handle and analyse large amounts of data.

  1. Increase the lifetime of components
  2. Reduce plant downtime
  3. Reduce technical energy losses
  4. Optimization of O&M activities

Boost your energy yield by 25% with this plug-in, combining machine learning and data-driven insights.

Enhance fault detection and optimize O&M activities.



    All the benefits of forecasting with a time horizon ranging from a few minutes to several days and enhance operational efficiency in the energy market.

    Utilizing detailed weather forecasts, satellite images and real-time data to fuel our advanced forecasting algorithms. This approach enables us to generate precise and timely forecasts on solar energy production, offering significant advantages for investors, networker operators and energy traders. The outputs can be customized to fit the needs and delivered through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

    1. Improve plant management efficiency
    2. Reduce imbalance cost of penalties
    3. Ensure market and authorities requirements compliance.



    Ensure proper functioning of the sensors for solar radiation detection in your facility. Thanks to irradiance data collected from satellite images,
    the sensor’s status can be monitored in real-time, identifying
    its conditions and detecting malfunctions or potential
    configuration and calibration issues.

    1. Reliability in calculating photovoltaic plant performance (PR, EPI, etc…)
    2. Reduce of time and costs for O&M activities
    3. Optimal use of advanced diagnostics for the PV plant



    The combination of IR and image-video analysis is used to automatically detect hotspots and other typical issues during the installation of rooftop or ground-mounted PV systems (dirt, delamination, etc…) and to provide accurate detection and counting of the main components of the system (number of panels, covered area, etc…). All information is georeferenced and reported on the cloud-based platform to allow a clear overview of the photovoltaic plant.

    1. Optimize the acceptance process
    2. Optimize the O&M activities
    3. Improve plant performances



    Monitoring the progress of photovoltaic system installations and optimizing processes has become easier by leveraging satellite technologies.

    Satellite technology is used to accurately and detailed track the progress of solar plant construction, particularly for large sites and remotely. By utilizing high-resolution images, with a precision of up to 0.3-0.9 meters on the ground, image processing models are applied to provide statistics on the construction process, following specific parameters. Conversely, low-resolution images, with a precision of up to a few meters on the ground, are used to identify modified areas and monitor the site’s evolution over time. Our advanced image processing software combines successive images to provide details on the placement of photovoltaic plant components: modules, structures, cabins, etc.

    1. Reduction in site construction management expenses
    2. Lower costs for documentation management
    3. Simple and fast remote monitoring



    Monitorize the solar plant anywhere, anytime.

    With this simple mobile app, you can check real-time production data and forecasts for your installations, providing essential information on consumption and energy storage, if available. This allows you to define consumption and resource management strategies easily from your phone, minimizing energy exchanges with the grid during the current and following day. The mobile app also enables real-time data viewing and alerts from the inverter.

    1. Optimize energy use
    2. Minimize peak energy costs
    3. Reduce grid energy usage
    4. Extend battery life

    Silicon Solar Irradiance Sensor

    Photovoltaic Reference Cells for PV Monitoring

    i-EM is an official distributor of silicon sensor from Ingenieurbüro Mencke & Tegtmeyer GmbH since 2008. These photovoltaic reference cells offer an economical but robust and reliable solution for measuring solar irradiance levels, particularly for monitoring photovoltaic systems.

    i-EM is proud to integrate SENECA hardware for Solar Energy Management

    i-EM Data Acquisition System

    • Long-lasting highly-robust system and complete Data Acquisition System for the acquisition of electrical parameters from inverters, strings and meteo-data in the field.
    • Storage up to thousands of variables, and upload every 5-15 minutes on i-EM cloud.