Enhance Energy Management with T-EM: Accurate Short, Medium, and Long-Term Forecasts for Generation and Demand, Leveraging Advanced Technology and Machine Learning for Reliable and Insightful Market Trends.

T-EM provides accurate forecasts of energy generation and demand in the short, medium, and long term for specific areas, effectively managing the impacts of renewable (non-programmable) sources on the grid.

Thanks to our advanced technology, including load models, historical data analysis, and weather forecasts, potential energy imbalances at macro-zone and local levels are anticipated. Our in-depth analysis and continuous updating of Machine Learning models ensure optimal and reliable forecasts, offering a clear insight into energy market trends at various time scales.



Reliable and precise data over a wide time range: from a few minutes up to 15 days in advance.

T-EM accurately forecasts energy produced by solar, wind, and hydroelectric plants in accordance with market requirements. An accurate analysis combining weather and satellite data with user-friendly dashboards for quick and easy reading of forecast data.

  • Forecasting of plant and plant park power

  • Various resolutions and time horizons (up to 15 days before the forecast)

  • Daily and intra-day updates

  1. Accuracy increases by up to 25% by combining different weather models

  2. Improvement of up to 10% using the fusion of various statistical and deterministic models

  3. Increase of up to 20% in accuracy in the first 6 hours, using satellite and real-time data



Customized forecasting solution for Energy Traders and Network Operators.

It accurately forecasts aggregated solar, wind, and hydroelectric energy for the dispatching electricity market. Using meteorological data and plant information, we provide operators with reliable data for energy sales and optimal network management, with confidence intervals at different probability levels. Customized for Energy Traders and Network Operators.

  • Compliance with market requirements of energy authorities

  • Various resolutions and time horizons (up to 15 days before the forecast)

  • Optimization of investments to maintain network stability and resilience

  1. Improvement of revenues for energy traders

  2. Reduction of imbalance costs and penalties

  3. Optimization of investments to maintain grid stability and resilience



The ideal platform for energy market forecasting and optimization.

An ideal solution for providing immediate and future forecasts of signals, volumes, and microzone imbalances, combining price forecasting, energy demand, and renewable source production. An ideal tool for traders to make informed decisions and manage uncertainties and risks related to zonal imbalances, with reliable and optimized information for the next day and short, medium, and long-term markets.

  • Forecasting of signals, volumes, and settlement penalties

  • Price forecasting, energy demand, and renewable energy production forecasting by technology (wind, hydro, and solar)

  • Multiple daily updates

  1. Reduction of costs and penalties for imbalances

  2. Minimization/mitigation of financial risks

  3. Increase in revenue from energy sales