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The MOWGLI project, made along with ESA, is a satellite-based solution that provides a set of services for optimal microgrid planning, designing and operations and maintenance (O&M) applications in urban and rural areas of developing countries, with particular focus on India use case.



  • Energy availability: avoid under or over sizing, leading to un-correct grid management

  • Energy reliability: grid must be stable, to avoid black-outs

  • Energy quality: service quality, to avoid customer dissatisfaction

  • Energy awareness: aware use of energy by end-users 


  • Strategic planning (site assessment)

  • Microgrid optimal design (renewable energy sources basket, sizing)  

  • O&M (load balancing, remote control, anomaly detection predictive maintenance)

  • Energy awareness and payments services (pay-as-you-go, smart-booking, priority-booking, community leasing, tele-medicine, tele-education, O&M training)


  • Decision makers (policy makers, funding entities, local entities and regulators)

  • Microgrids designers and developers

  • Microgrid owner operators (MGOs) 

  • End-users 


  • Better microgrid planning, reduced economical risk and socio-econimic impact awareness

  • Long-term sustainability and return of investment (by optimal site selection, optimal sizing and required technology procurement)

  • Optimal O&M activities management (by field data acquisition, automated remote control, fault notifications, predictive maintenance and performances monitoring

  • High quality and reliable energy availability, reasonable costs, customer care services, commercial activities and safety improvement support

MOWGLI services and their relationship with users