ABB chooses i-EM for the Energy Simulator

i-EM is proud to announce the cooperation with ABB, technology leader in electrification and automation.

This partnership has created the ENERGY SIMULATOR, a SaaS online tool to support the efficient and cost-effective microgrid design for single or multiple sites. It is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface for unlimited simulations on each site. Energy Simulator optimize different distributed energy resources (DER), such as solar, hydro, storage and electric vehicle charging points to minimize the impact on energy costs and gas emissions.

i-EM works to make the energy market simple to manage and to predict, thanks to the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. We believe in the growth of renewable energies, and we know how it is important to trace a path in energy ecosystems with conscience and vision.

That’s why i-EM has drawn a new approach, combing the gathering of Big Data (satellite, environmental and energetic) to the using of Machine Learning techniques and the power of the human, a team of specialists capable to transform complex data into solutions for a better community growing, every day, in real time; solutions that helps you in taking decision with agility and consciousness.

Our Business Intelligent solutions can be applied to renewable plants management (solar, wind, hydro), smart-grid management and energy trading.

The Energy Simulator is an innovative tool to find the best solution for the power system, evaluating the investment costs, the price of the electricity, and the energy assessment of the renewable power plants; in only six steps, it is possible to get the optimal solution for your power system, simulating multiple scenarios.

Watch the video of the system that can transform your REALITY!




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