i-EM appoints Ciro Lanzetta as new CEO

Jul 3, 2023

i-EM, the controlled company of the Flyby Group specializing in the energy management sector, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ciro Lanzetta as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With headquarters in Livorno, Italy, the Flyby Group has gained recognition for its advanced software solutions in decision support across three key business areas:

  • Defence & Security
  • Energy
  • Health

i-EM, as a controlled company within the Flyby Group, was founded in 2013, it is the first subsidiary company of the group, it provides Business Intelligent Solutions for Energy Management and operates in a global market, with presence in more than 20 Nations and in charge for the management of more than 800 renewable plants.

The entire team of specialists has worked in these years with passion to offer solutions powered by advanced big data analytics in order to make the new distributed energy ecosystem more predictable and manageable, exploiting a deep knowledge of satellite data, combined to data fusion and cutting-edge big data analytics technologies.

i-EM key elements

Over the years, i-EM has distinguished covering the entire life-cycle phases of renewable energy assets (solar, wind, hydro), from simulation to management, ensuring reliable information and extraction of the best value from energy assets for all users, maximizing performance and decreasing operational costs, with smart, fast and simple to use solutions for all the users thanks to the application of machine learning models with i-EM ability to translate datas in a new way to use and manage energy. From the complex data set to an easy-to-use information, as Leonardo da Vinci would say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

i-EM’s new CEO, Ciro Lanzetta

Ciro Lanzetta, an accomplished professional with a background as electronic engineer, joined the Flyby Group 20 years ago when it was a small enterprise consisting of only five employees. Since then, Flyby has transformed into a multinational holding company, with i-EM being one of its controlled companies.

“Ciro during these years has always played a fundamental role in the company, nurturing ideas, demonstrating passion in creating innovative technological solutions thanks to his deep knowledge of energy ecosystem and motivating his team of engineers and data scientists, driving the technical and operational aspects of the energy management in different fields”, comments Emilio Simeone.

“I’ll continue my efforts in driving the company to be a worldwide leader, serving the community into the digital transformation, or better, what apparently is difficult to see for a common eye, in concrete and user-friendly solutions for the energy management of the ecosystems”, says Ciro Lanzetta.

Ciro Lanzetta will succeed Dr Emilio Simeone, Flyby’s visionary leader, as the CEO of i-EM, while Dr Simeone will continue to serve i-EM as Chairman of the Company.


From left to right: Ciro Lanzetta (CEO of i-EM), Emilio Simeone (Chairman of i-EM), Andrea Masini (i-EM member of the board)