Digitalization and digital transformation as key to the energy ecosystem revolution.

Our CEO Emilio Simeone will be at the XIV annual workshop of the AGICI, the research and consulting company specializing in utilities, renewables, infrastructure and energy efficiency. He will talk about how the digital transformation enables a new business strategy for the Italian energy system.

The meeting will take place in Milano on June 16 and aims to deepen how technological innovation and digitalization can be applied in the renewable energy sector to ensure a higher level of security of the Italian energy system.

i-EM strongly believes in the synergistic approach between data scientists and domain operators and focuses the attention on the quality of the data to guarantee the Machine Learning model output reliability.

Our CEO will bring the daily experience of i-EM and its winning vision, together with the major innovative leaders of the renewable energy in the Country (Cisco Italia, PLC, CVA, Enel Green Power, Terna).

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x-EM simulates and manages the Grid Edge.

x-EM is the solution for Commercial & Industrial prosumers (C&I) Balance Service Providers (BSP) and Distributor System Operators (DSO) for the simulation and management of the Grid Edge.

x-EM supports BSP and C&I for the plan and management of microgrid protfolio on the local DSO node.