The Photovoltaic Power System (PVPS) Programme of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has recently focused on the “Solar Resource for High Penetration and Large Scale Applications” and we are very proud that i-EM’s R&D team has contributed to this work.

As the penetration of PV increases, improved accuracy and finer spatial and temporal resolution of solar data sets are needed to optimize the performance of these technologies in the energy system of a region or country.

This is the reason why the main goals of IEA PVPS “Task 16” are to lower barriers and costs of grid integration of PV and to lower planning and investment costs for PV, by enhancing the quality of the forecasts and the resources assessments.

We are really proud that our Head of Data Science, Alessandro Betti, has led the report writing as scientific coordinator of the activity, to whom also Michela Moschella, i-EM’s Data Scientist and PhD student, has contributed as author.

At i-EM, power forecasting is one of the most treated research issues, and this is why our forecasting services are efficient and very appreciated by our customers.

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