i-EM innovation grows with SynerLeap, the ABB innovation hub

i-EM is honored to be a part of SynerLeap, the ABBs initiative for innovation transfer across industries through collaboration between established large companies and creative startups.

This month our CTO Ciro Lanzetta presented our line of innovation in energy management in a webinar promoted by SynerLeap. The collaboration between established large companies and creative startups is a way to drive innovation and better strengthen competitiveness forward.

Digitalization is certainly the key to the future of the energy ecosystem and this synergy between different skills allows a boost of rapid growth of innovative potential in the market.

This is what SynerLeap believes, and we agree.

Learn more about x-EM, the cross-industry digital energy solution

x-EM simulates and manages the Grid Edge.

x-EM is the solution for Commercial & Industrial prosumers (C&I) Balance Service Providers (BSP) and Distributor System Operators (DSO) for the simulation and management of the Grid Edge.

x-EM supports BSP and C&I for the plan and management of microgrid protfolio on the local DSO node.




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