We are very proud to announce that our Senior Data Scientist, Fabrizio Ruffini, and our Data Scientist, Antonio Piazzi, will represent i-EM at the 2020 Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT Europe), which is organized by IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) and Delft University of Technology.

As many other this year, also this event will be completely virtual, from October 26th to 28th October and this year’s conference theme is “Smart Grids: key enablers of a green power system”.

Fabrizio and Antonio will present their paper on October 28th (4PM GMT+1) about “One Year Operation of an Innovative Condition Monitoring Technique in Four Hydropower Plants“, made in collaboration with Mauro Tucci (Department of Energy, Systems, Territory and Constructions Engin) and Emanuele Crisostomi (University of Pisa).