Our CEO Emilio Simeone was in Florence to talk about i-EM and the other companies of the Flyby group in a panel discussion about the contributions of SMEs and Research to innovation in Aerospace sector.

The Earth Technology Expo is organized by GATE 4.0 with Regione Toscana CTNA Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale Aerospazio,

The speech was focused on our new x-EM solution for smart grid demand response management. x-EM was officially launched at an international level at EM-Power Europe 2021 in the context of ” Be smart, Take part – Trends and Solutions Boosting Consumer Empowerment” moderated by Michael Villa, Executive Director, smartEN.

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x-EM provides data analysis for Smart Grid.

i-EM data analysis ensures benefits to all the Smart Grid actors. Advanced analytics process works to get smart balancing, energy charging & routing and charging points planner