Joint interview with Ciro Lanzetta and Emilio Simeone

Yesterday, an exclusive joint interview with Ciro Lanzetta, the new CEO of i-EM and Emilio Simeone, President of Flyby Group, was published.
Laura Larghi, a journalist from the prestigious Mergermarket magazine, engaged the Italian managers in a conversation where they delved into crucial and strategic matters.

Discover the insights that shape i-EM’s growth strategies for the next three years.

Approximately 60% of the new capital will be invested in expanding in countries such as India, Australia, South Africa and Canada, where i-EM has already carried out projects, and in the US, Lanzetta said.

The mid-term plan is to set up subsidiaries in the US and Australia, he said, adding that right now, besides the headquarters in Italy, the company has a subsidiary in the UK.

The remaining 40% will be invested in further R&D in fields such as smart-grid simulation and management, services for e-mobility grid integration, forecasting services for energy trading and others, Ciro Lanzetta said.

Read the full interview here




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