DEWA (Dubai Energy and Water Authority) has chosen i-EM as technological partner for provisioning digital services on four solar plants of 200MW CdTe fixed, plus a 200 MW and two 300 MW single-axis Si trackers in Dubai.

Starting from July, i-EM started the provision of two forecasting services of the power production with different time horizons for each PV plant.

The first one is a nowcast service, every 15 minutes up to 3 hours, thanks to the usage of both weather forecast and satellite data. The second one is middle-time forecast – up to three days with hourly resolution – using weather data combining different machine learning algorithms.

The partnership included also the provision of a innovative service that allows the supervision on the construction of a new big 300 MW ingle-axis trackers PV solar plants remotely, by means of a satellite imagery processing. The service evaluates the progress of the entire PV plant construction phases, automatically detecting the PV panels and related infrastructures incremental coverage changes by different satellite images acquisitions at different times. Both low resolution (LR, around 10m resolution at ground) and high resolution (HR, <1m resolution at ground) satellite images are used according to the different detail levels needs.

i-EM is privileged to support DEWA’s solar plants in Dubai since their very first phase of construction, to evaluate the progress of the work done, comparing the processed satellite image outcomes with the original PV plant construction plan, automatically and without the need of local personnel supervision. Besides, i-EM is proud to provide accutare forecast of the PV plant production for the different needs for energy supply into the grid.

Emilio Simeone


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