Hydrocontroller: water resource monitoring and forecast platform for hydrological basins

Dec 20, 2018

Big data analytics for water resource: complex data combined use, based on territory modeling and advanced sensors network

Hydrocontroller project develops an innovative water resource monitoring and forecast platform for hydrological basins, allowing to control hydro-metereological conditions on an area of interest, concerning real-time trends and possible future developments. This is possibile thanks to the combined use of heterogeneous data, collected by many sources, like satellite observations, weather forecast (specialized for such applications) and advanced sensors network, some of which were projected and developed specifically for this project. All of these specifications are thought to make Hydrocontroller quickly configurable and flexible, giving to it all the necessary features to operate in a potentially critical context. The Hydrocontroller project was presented at the “Toscana Tech” event, in November 2018.

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