Advanced Diagnostic

May 2, 2019


Diagnostic service for an advanced management of the malfunctions affecting a plant, a specific sub-field and sensors in situ.

The service is based on artificial intelligence algorithms analysing data from devices (sensor, inverters, energy meters) installed on the plant and from satellite-based observations.

Provided Information

> Kind of failure

> Failure location on the plant

> Failure description


> Automatic fault detection from remote

> Maintenance time and cost reduction

> Plant performance improvement


Real time & Long Term diagnostic mode

Real Time mode

sub-field analysis with a time horizon of 2 hours.

Detect covering, soiling, faulting MPPT on the plant.

Long term mode

sub-field analysis with a time horizon of 20 days.

Detect covering, soiling, shadows, faulting MPPT on the plant, thermal problem of the inverters and malfunctions of the irradiance sensors installed in-situ.

i-EM solutions are completely customizable on demand and are provided as Platform as a Service (PaaS)