Let’s talk about Smart Utilities, with Regione Toscana

The impact of renewables on the grid and the optimal management of energy has always been the constant commitment of i-EM.

Just this theme was deepened in a workshop on Smart Utilities with our CTO Ciro Lanzetta in Florence, last week for Earth Technology Expo, a leading event for energy innovation promoted by the Regione Toscana.

The possibility that all elements of the grid could be both producers and consumers is a crucial issue in the grid. How to manage the various actors and how to create efficient management becomes increasingly relevant for the energy future already present.

i-EM gives its answer with x-EM, the cross-industry digital energy solution. This Software as a Service (SaaS) service introduces intelligence in the management of the Frid Edge, improving resilience and stability of the grid.

Below is a short interview to our CTO, during the event in Italy, where we take stock of the ecological and digital transition:


Learn more about x-EM

x-EM simulates and manages the Grid Edge.

x-EM is the solution for Commercial & Industrial prosumers (C&I) Balance Service Providers (BSP) and Distributor System Operators (DSO) for the simulation and management of the Grid Edge.

x-EM supports BSP and C&I for the plan and management of microgrid protfolio on the local DSO node.




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