s-EM protagonist of webinar at The Smarter E Industry Days

Jul 26, 2021

It was a pleasure for i-EM to have taken part at the two digital session at The smarter E Industry Days, a three days of digital events which be hold over the period 21st to 23rd July. Three days covering all topics of the new energy world with top-class keynote speakers. Our CTO Ciro Lanzetta introduced the company goals and competitive advantages that s-EM solution brings to all players engaged in the different stages of the life cycle of a solar plant. In the second part of the digital events, it was then Lorenzo Gigoni the Technical Sales Engineer of i-EM to show a live demo of the s-EM IT platform. The digital sessions of the i-EM webinar has been in two consecutive days and you can view the focus below:  

s-EM: a comprehensive IT platform to get the best value from solar assets data (1st session)

The life cycle of a solar plant puts in place different players (asset owner, O&M service provider, asset manager, energy trader, Engineering Procurement and Construction operators) and each role of the users has its own needs to evaluate different analysis data and different performances of the same solar project. s-EM solution allows all this in only one IT platform and puts the various actors of the solar asset in communication with each other, facilitating the overall integrated Solar Energy Management. From construction to O&M, the s-EM platform ensures that all the players get the maximum performances of the solar asset maintenance activities, consequently increasing yield and decreasing operational costs.

s-EM:  how to increase the Return on Investment of solar assets: the innovative Predictive Maintenance and Plant Construction Monitoring solutions (2nd session )

The s-EM multi-level platform combines standard monitoring and an advanced monitoring solution that benefits of Machine Learning, Big Data and Satellite data knowledge.But how can it help you in increasing the Return on Investment of your solar PV assets ?

Thanks to the s-EM Predictive Maintenance and Plant Construction Monitoring services, you can better manage the entire life-cycle phases of the asset:

– with the Predictive Maintenance service is possible identify and predict anomalous conditions on the solar plant to effectively plan operation empowering, reducing the downtime and the loss production of the plant;

– by means of our satellite-based  Plant Construction Monitoring service is possible to identify changes at plant level, so you can reduce the inspection costs of the plant during its construction phase

By means of these  two services you can introduce a new way to save costs related to your PV plant , in both construction and  O&M phases.


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s-EM provides data analysis for solar.

Get the true value of data and use them properly. The suite of i-EM solar solution increase yield and decrease operational costs, maximising performances with different services: power forecast, predictive maintenance, smart monitoring, sensor check, satellite-based plant construction monitoring and UAV data management.