The Future of Energy: conference on Digital Services for Energy Communities and DSOs

Mar 6, 2024

The last decades have been characterized by a significant transformation linked to the advent of digital technologies and based on data analysis. This transformation also involves the energy sector, opening paths related to efficiency and sustainability and generating significant changes with the collaboration of all actors in the creation of energy communities and among distribution system operators (DSOs).

During KEY ENERGY 2024, the recently ended trade fair in Rimini, Ciro Lanzetta held a highly relevant conference entitled “Digital Services for Energy Communities and DSOs” organized by smartEn. During this event, the CEO of i-EM offered a comprehensive overview of various topics, ranging from the advantages of intelligent management of electrical grids to the challenges encountered along the path towards the creation of energy communities, while also promoting the integration of renewable energies through user-friendly and reliable solutions.

We are pleased to make this interesting conference dedicated to digital services for energy communities and DSOs accessible to all interested parties.

On this occasion, one of the company’s flagship services was also briefly presented: x-EM – Grid Energy Management, a Software as a Service designed to coordinate energy management, optimizing consumption and storage, even with various renewable sources. Thanks to the simulator, x-EM identifies the optimal design of the local network node, considering all available energy resources and maximizing the sustainability, scalability, and stability of the network. An integrated approach combines advanced simulations with different energy sources and electric mobility. Through simulation, we can accurately predict the dynamics of the system and develop targeted solutions for energy distribution and stability.