satellite-based plant construction monitoring


Solar Smart Monitoring demonstration is now available:
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Satellite low and high resolution service for the monitoring of plant construction status

The i-EM experience with satellite images processing enable cutting-edge services meet the need of EPC and solar asset owner during the construction phase of utility scale Photovoltaic Plant. The service is based on the acquisition and analysis of a row of satellite images during the construction phase. The image processing software by the combination of successive images supplies information about pole, trackers, PV panels trackers, PV panels and cabin unit installed as well as construction process percentage



  • Satellite Low Resolution Images every 5 days 

  • Satellite High Resolution images every month 

  • Area Completion percentage and trend

  • Detection of areas changed between two images acquisition

  • User-friendly interactive visualization of the information


  • Cost reduction for plant implementation by means of a better management of the operations 

  • Cost reduction in the management of plant documentation 

  • Monitoring of the work 

  • Supplies high value information for plant diagnostic and predictive maintenance