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Executive summary

LOCATION: South America | Perù
BENEFIT: Reduce the cost of plant construction management by remote monitoring


    From construction to operation & maintenance: keep the life cycle of plant always under control  Nowadays remote sensing information can be exploited to support the management of renewable energy plants during all its life cycles. Earth observation satellite can provide a continuous monitoring of each location of the earth. Low-resolution and high-resolution imagery can be exploited to obtain accurate descriptions of the monitored scenarios/plants. Moreover, the use of unmanned air vehicle can provide complementary information to monitor important features not detectable with satellite sensors.  i-EM, within the s-EM platform for the management of solar plants, provides to EPC player a module called Satellite-based plant construction monitoringa Decision Support System aimed to exploit remote sensed data to advantage and support the management of solar plant during the construction and pre-commissioning phase. 


    i-EM combines the experience in satellite data knowledge, in the PV technical domain, and data science expertise to provide an accurate diagnostics of plant construction

    • rThe use of earth observation satellite and drone helps both the construction phase and the monitoring phase
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    Satellite Low- and High-Resolution service to monitor plant construction 

    With Plant Construction Monitoring the ECP can remotely monitor  the  construction  status  of  the  renewable energy plant  (in particular for solar photovoltaic plants) and  enables  users to know the  plant  status, supporting the decision-making processes. 

    Exploiting plant images from satellites and videos streaming from drones, for plant diagnostics and predictive analysis, displaying all results in a coherent 4D  (space + time) user interface. 

      The service provides:

      • NSatellite Low- and High-Resolution service for monitoring the plant construction status
      • NDrove Video Processing for detection of panels, poles, trackers

      The information provided exploiting Satellite HR (0.3m – 0.5m at ground) monitoring service: 

      • NDetection of the areas changed from the last acquisition
      • NConstruction Process percentage (area completion)
      • NDetection of (in percentage respect to the total):
      • Poles installed (error < 5%) 
      • Trackers installed (error < 3%) 
      • PV panels installed (error < 4%) 
      • Cabin Unit (CU) installed (error < 2%) 

      Thanks to this reliable tool, it is possible to comfortably monitor the progress of plant construction remotely, reducing travel costs.

      Head of Construction Technical Support

      Enel Green Power

      Business impact

      Monitor the Solar Plant construction status and provide the optimal assessment for the plant commission 

      • NCost reduction for plant implementation by means of a better management of the operations
      • NConstruction reduction in the management of the plant documentation
      • NMonitoring of the work progress

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