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Big Data Hydro:

The digital future for hydro power plants

Hydropower fleet value creation by data gathering combined to big data analytics development and application on pilot plants data. Through the Big Data Hydro architecture, data from operating plants are used to optimize their management and quickly identify potential malfunctions through the use of data analysis.

In collaboration with
Enel Green Power

SPace-based services for (4) smart-Grid and electricity grid maintenance and Operations

The main objectives of the services consist in Decision Support Services based on satellite communications, Earth observation data and other space assets to support smartgrid management and electricity grid maintenance.

In collaboration with
European Space Agency

Water resource monitoring and forecast platform for hydrological basins

Hydrocontroller project develops an innovative water resource monitoring and forecast platform for hydrological basins, allowing to control hydro-metereological conditions on a selected area of interest, concerning real-time trends and possible future developments.

In collaboration with
Regione Toscana


MicrO reneWable Grid for ruraL Indian Areas

The MOWGLI project, made along with ESA, is a satellite-based solution that provides a set of services for optimal microgrid planning, designing and O&M operations in urban and rural areas of developing countries, with particular focus on India use case.

In collaboration with
European Space Agency

Ollague, Chile:

Hybrid plant management challenge

Enel Green Power (EGP) has chosen to exploit local renewable sources (solar, wind), creating an hybrid self-powered electric power plant, thanks to a microgrid which includes a solar plant and a wind power plant, interconnected with an electrical energy store system, capable of continuously providing energy to the village.

In collaboration with
Enel Green Power




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